Book Club


A Women’s Brain Health Book Club Initiative

Interested in obtaining copies of MIND OVER MATTER® for an upcoming Book Club read?

We’ve received thousands of requests for additional copies of MIND OVER MATTER®, many coming from women who have taken their copy of the magazine to their book club to show their friends and discovered the high level of interest for reading and discussing the articles from their members.

Thanks to the generosity of our partner Brain Canada, along with one of WBHI’s most ardent supporters, and a highly valued volunteer who agreed to oversee the book club initiative, we’re pleased to provide your Club copies of MIND OVER MATTER® free of charge!

We’ll also offer you some suggestions on how you can get the most out of the valuable information the articles in the magazine provide. Of course we’d love your feedback too!

If you’d like to participate in Women’s Brain Health Book Club Initiative and receive copies of an edition* of MIND OVER MATTER® please complete this form and email it to

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