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why did we start
Women’s Brain Health Initiative?

It was frightening to learn that women suffer from depression, stroke and dementia twice as much as men and an astounding 70% of new Alzheimer’s patients will be women. Yet research still focuses on men. We want to correct this research bias.

Women’s Brain Health Initiative creates education programs and funds research to combat
brain-aging diseases that affect women.

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of Alzheimer’s sufferers are women.
You can’t ignore a number this big.

Better thinking
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The largest curated resource of information specific to women’s brain health.

Brain Power Benefits of Exercise

A new review has found that a combination of both aerobic and resistance exercise can significantly boost brain power in the over 50s. Carried out by researchers from the University of Canberra, Australia, the new research is...

Low Levels of “Memory Protein” Linked to Cognitive Decline

Working with human brain tissue samples and genetically engineered mice, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers together with colleagues at the National Institutes of Health, the University of California San Diego Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Columbia University,...

Dementia Linked to Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

In a cohort of non-demented elderly patients, excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) increased the rate of β-amyloid accumulation, according to results presented at the 2017 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting. “We found that elderly...

Insight into the latest research findings to combat brain aging diseases and the tools you need to stay brain healthy longer.

how to get involved

Whether you’re a family member worried about the women in your life, worried about yourself or a corporation who cares, it is easy to get involved.


We educate woman and the scientific community about this issue and fund research for the cause.

Every dollars helps.

Who will you give for?

tell your story

The more people who are talking about this issue, the more attention it receives.

Your story is important.

What is your experience with brain health?

partners & sponsors

All of your female employees are at risk, and everyone they know is affected.

Your support is important.

Will you help?


Membership gives you the opportunity to participate in driving the women’s brain health conversation forward.

Will you join us?

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Women’s Brain Health Initiative on the move.

Cutting Through the Haze – A Frank Talk about Cannabis in Canada

It was the kind of conversation that would have been unimaginable only five years ago. On the 16th floor of a gleaming office tower in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, in a meeting...

UP IN SMOKE – Marijuana -The Good, The Bad & The Uncertain

Join Women’s Brain Health Initiative for an enlightening panel discussion on the implications of legalizing marijuana, and listen to the experts describe the medical, legal, investor, political and business perspectives. WITH EMCEE Will Stewart Managing Principal at Navigator...

Brain Health is a Women’s Issue

On International Women’s Day, we rightly celebrate the achievements of brilliant scientists and selfless humanitarians, of inspiring artists, world-beating athletes and visionary entrepreneurs. As we cheer those success stories, this...

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