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Brain Buzz - Don't Sugarcoat It!

Brain Buzz - Don't Sugarcoat It!

Sugar and salt are present in many of the foods that we eat as part of our everyday diets. Both play several essential roles in our health but they can also be damaging to our brain health when consumed in excess.

Brain Buzz - Head On

A large study found those with a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) had a 24% increased risk of dementia. Chances are higher the younger you are., and women suffer differently than men.

Brain Buzz - The Heart of the Matter

Women’s heart health – like women’s brain health – is under researched, under diagnosed and under treated. Heart disease symptoms may be different for women. Find out how, and discover what you can do to keep both your heart and your brain healthy.

Brain Buzz - Breaking Bad

The choices you make today will affect your future and have a big impact on your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, especially if you are a woman. Discover the habits that may be speeding up the decline of your brain.

Brain Buzz - Pump Up Your Brain

Pump up your brain to prevent or slow down the progression of cognitive decline. You can reap the benefits with just 10 minutes of exercise a day.

Brain Buzz - Do You Have the Guts?

Do you have the guts to keep your brain healthy? You can’t separate the mind from the body. It’s like a second brain is in our guts. When one is imbalanced, the other likely is too.

Brain Buzz - No Strain, No Gain

Your memory is like muscle strength, you either use it or lose it. The more you work out your brain – the more you process and remember information. Find out about the best brain-boosting activities.

Brain Buzz - Stay 2 Steps Ahead of Memory Loss

Dancing is not only beneficial for our bodies, but also for our brains, and may even reduce the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Brain Buzz - What Dreams Are Made Of

Want a reason to get a good night’s sleep? Studies show sleep is extremely important to boost brain health. Discover tips on how to sleep well and help protect your brain from dementia.

Brain Buzz - Truth or Myth

The younger you start making healthy brain choices, the more you can protect yourself against Alzheimer's. Exceptional health into old age is possible!

Brain Buzz - Music is Medicine for Your Mind

Research has shown music can stimulate your brain, keep it engaged as you age, and help with memory. It’s a total brain workout!

Brain Buzz - Calm Your Mind

As we live through uncertain times, we need to keep our level of stress down. Mindfulness meditation has been proven to keep our brain healthy. It’s simple - but may not be easy. Here are some tips to do it at home.

Brain Buzz - Mind What You Eat

As you're making choices about what to chew on ..digest this. Research has shown eating certain foods could help reduce your chances of prematurely aging your brain.